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TE Exterior 1
CA 14 Pool and Spa - Comfort Suites Good
P 1 Presidential Living Room - Comfort S
Comfort Suites Goodyear 004 Final
NavajoLand Inn - POOL
P 4 Presidential Bedroom - Comfort Suite
Pinz 3

Hotel & Property Management
Succession, Brand Rescue, New Build Construction & Development

The MHI Philosophy

As a hotel management company comprised of a Certified Public Accountant and Certified Hotel Administrators, our perspective and philosophy is that of an owner. Therefore, we conduct property operations as if the property were our own investment. As the owner's representative, we are focused on maximizing the owners investment.

The MHI Approach

Maximize the owners investment by achieving their goals. This is achieved through:

  • Operational changes

  • Increasing revenue with strategic market positioning

  • Physical facility changes

  • Franchise affiliation evaluation

  • Decreasing expenses with hotel budget planning



We are hands on managers that truly operate your hotel with your interests in mind. We are the alternative for an owner that cannot be on the property every day. Effective hospitality management requires the balancing of revenues, expenses, guest service, asset preservation, and value. By achieving this balance, we maximize your investment.

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