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Stan and Cindy Sapp formed Monument Hospitality, Inc. in 2000 to begin offering hotel management services. Previously, Stan and Cindy's experience had consisted of auditing, accounting, and business consulting, including appraisal and feasibility studies to the hospitality industry for over twenty years. Stan and Cindy Sapp have an extensive history of providing consulting services to various hospitality clients throughout Arizona.

As a management company, our perspective and philosophy is that of an owner, therefore we conduct operations as if the property were our own investment.

Carefully planned and thoughtfully budgeted hotel staffing is a major component of achieving superior operating profits. Financial planning and central accounting is another key to a property's success. As certified public accountants, we supervise all hotel accounting procedures. We provide a variety of accounting management support systems tailored to each hotel's specific needs. We maintain the necessary relationships to facilitate purchasing, financing, new ventures, and property sales.

Both Stan and Cindy Sapp would be responsible for the management of your hotel.

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