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What are Monument Hospitality's Qualifications?

  • Certified Public Accountants

  • Certified Hotel Administrators

  • Stan Sapp: 41 years experience in hospitality

  • Cindy Sapp: 32 years experience in hospitality

What makes Monument Hospitality different?

  • An approach from an owner's perspective

  • Timely reporting ability 

  • In house sales and marketing experience

  • Extensive finance and accounting experience

What are Monument Hospitality's significant company highlights?
• Proven ability to take an under performing property and turn it around
• Proven ability to take an extremely cash poor property and turn it around
• Refurbish a property out of current cash flow utilized

• Re-brand a property out of current cash flow
• Proven ability to acquire new properties
• Secure new financi
ng and re-financing

What is Monument Hospitality's objective?

Maximize the owners investment by achieving their goals. This is achieved through:

  • Operational changes

  • Increasing revenue with strategic market positioning

  • Physical facility changes

  • Franchise affiliation evaluation

  • Decreasing expenses with hotel budget planning

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