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Monument Hospitality believes marketing has characteristics of a maintenance program and must be performed on a continual basis. Marketing efforts should be cost effective and trackable. Specific target markets are identified before a marketing plan is designed specifically to enhance the revenue producing ability of the owner's investment. The best marketing will always be superior guest service.




  • Detailed market analysis of competitive set and resulting property positioning is made to assure all marketing dollars are spent specifically targeting the appropriate market

  • Rate analysis and rate structure are determined including discount plans

  • An annual detailed marketing plan is written including guest identification, rate structure, detail of marketing expenses, and related strategy

  • A data base is retained to assure future contact and follow up is made

  • Grand openings are planned where appropriate

  • Direct sales are overseen by Monument Hospitality personnel to assure specific targeting of markets such as:

            1. Leisure
                 a. Individual
                 b. Group
                 c. FIT
            2. Business

  • All advertising is placed and approved by qualified Monument Hospitality staff

  • Promotional opportunities are sought out in areas of FAM tours, media representatives, networking, and partnership opportunities

  • Shopper calls are made to enhance the guest service agents' ability to close the sale

  • Electronic forms of media and sales are pursued on a regular basis such as

  1. Franchise/independent website arenas

  2. Third party sales markets

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