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Monument Hospitality provides the hotel owners with unsurpassed personal service. In doing so, we keep you informed throughout the entire year.


  • Management Contract - which outlines the understanding of the service to be performed and fees to be charged.

  • Annual Operating, Marketing, Capital Budgets, and Cash Flow Projections - developed based on industry standards and adjusted for your unique property. This establishes a benchmark to evaluate future performance.

  • Monthly Managers Report - which provides comparisons to the budget and outlines operational changes we are making to impact performance. On a monthly basis, we produce an operational review for ownership. This review includes the profit statement, actual to budget commentary, accounts payable aging, accounts receivable aging, cash flow projection, sales backlog of future business, competitive rate analysis, market share analysis, and recap of all capital improvements. Additionally, customized reporting is available to meet your particular needs.

  • On Call - of course we are always available to discuss any concerns or questions you have about your hotel.

  • Annual Meeting - evaluate the property's performance compared to the plan and budget and agree on any upcoming changes that might be necessary.

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